Fix the breach

A Christian Kingdom expansion movement based on Isaiah 58:12

Strategic planning end execution that is intentionally designed to thwart the enemy's efforts to hinder the kingdom. Click to learn more.

Strategic Planning

We intentionally foster material unity between Christians of different stripes, in order to create a free and secure kingdom within a lawless society. Click to learn more.

Intentional Unity

Beyond merely a local focus, hyper-locality builds up specific groups with similar interests within a local area.  It builds strong networks of intentional, kingdom first unity. Click to learn more.


Our youngest are under spiritual assault in public education.  We actively help parents place their children into Christ-centric learning environments. Click to learn more.

Future Generations

Utilizing nation-wide resources we strive to remove the roadblocks of "everyday life" that burden and hinder Christian kingdom construction. Click to learn more.

Remove Roadblocks

The Fix the Breach model is a touch-point that Christians of all ages will desire to work toward. Kingdom First Christians build strong and resilient churches.  Click to learn more.

Strengthen Churches

A complete kingdom focus model from finances to resources. Click to learn more.

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